Preparation And Hunger!

The start of February marks the end of 'dry january' - thankfully - and with perpetual hunger urge to eat pages out of the cookbooks I masochistically read subsiding, I'm feeling great. I lost 9lbs in the month and am well below my race weight target. While the misery of January's lack of anything really tasty (be it food or drink) the weight saving would have cost a fortune if translated into car improvements so I'm happy now it's over. As long as I don't binge drink and eat this week, all is good!

Talking of the car, this week Bryce Scott (Scott Motorsports) has sent me photographs of SE46 #7 as it gets put back together and polished up for the 2017 season. After an incident at The Ridge dented the rear left hand side and an earlier bumper incident with a renter, it was time to get the car all cleaned up. Same sponsors as last year (BimmerWorld, AiM, Red Line Oil) with a deeper focus on Magna Flow for James Clay.