Diary Of A Gentleman Driver

This is a weekly diary, no more than 300 words, with a literary description of my week in relation to racing, preparing for racing, my activities over a race weekend and my personal feelings and points of view.

I'm not a professional driver. I'm not a coach, mentor, engineer or mechanic. I'm a racer, a gentleman racer, who has a day job, who loves racing and enjoys every opportunity to get behind the wheel of a race car and enjoy myself.

For friends and family who don't know what a 'gentleman driver' is, let me tell you. It's not that you have exceptional manners, you hold the door open for people or help someone with their bags on the subway. You don't have to wear suits, carry a cane or have a monocle. A gentleman driver is the term used in the industry for someone who pays for their racing. You don't make a living from racing cars (like a pro) you don't get free rides and you don't get called up to be a factory team driver. You just love racing and you pay your way. This being said, I do wear suits, I try to help people on the subway, I do hold doors open and despite not having a monocle, I do own a pocket watch!