Where to race in 2017?

What a lovely challenge to have. Where to race in 2017? Originally, the plan was to race the national races in SCCA to qualify for the run-offs at Indianapolis. While this is still an option, the fact that an entry is now 'not guaranteed' and the cost of haulage to places like Road America and, of course, Indiana, are potentially cost prohibitive, this might not be an option.

With ICSCC (Conference) in the Pacific Northwest moving to multiple race weekends, it might be a case of going back to running SE46 in Seattle, Portland areas and complimenting this with some Chump races and maybe a couple of notable others (like Thunderhill). 

So, it's on the hunt now for race weekends that have great car depth, aren't too cost prohibitive, will be with other race friends and colleagues and I can push myself by competing with the best drivers around. At times this seems like an impossible challenge!