New AiM upload on video AND data

Last week's response to my Podcast on Speed Secrets was fantastic. I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented and said kind words, it means a great deal to me! 

It is true that I originally uploaded the videos to help my fellow racers with questions I was answering repeatedly at the track. It started to work and with WiFi hotspots and track internet it was always very gratifying to see people using them in their trailers and on laptops.

Truth be told, I'm still always there to help but what I never expected was how these videos would scale! In 2016, these videos were viewed 20,000 times. 52,500 minutes consumed (875 hours) and watched in over 100 countries. That is bonkers but fantastic! 

I am now on a mission to keep the momentum going. So far we've covered the basics, working with GPS, working with configuring your Solo or your Race Studio Analysis views but it's time to take it further. As a result, this year's first video uses AiM's SmartyCam HD hardware in partnership with the data gathered from my MXS dash. 

I've uploaded it to YouTube, updated my page on this website but for those interested in a quick look now, here it is below.