New 'Quick Tips' for AiM Data Analysis

After analysing the consumption of data videos on YouTube and on this website, it was clear that despite many videos being 10 minutes or more in length, people only watched, on average, 2-3 minutes of the videos themselves.

So, to condense information down to 3 minutes or less, this month (January 2019) sees the release of AiM Data Analysis Quick Tips. The videos launched with 4 variations all focusing on common questions or configuration challenges with AiM Race Studio Analysis. These subjects vary from importing data to setting up a quick track map.

These videos are not designed to replace the existing (and future) in depth analysis pieces designed to go into detail around trends and deep dives. These topics will continue to be produced in the coming weeks, months and I’m sure years.

Let me know in the comments section if you’d like any videos in particular going forward.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!