Gear Changes!

Seems odd for a seasoned racer to talk about going back to the drawing board on gear changes. The reality is, however, that all cars are different and the way to get the most from them also differs considerably.

The FF1600 is all out fun. I thoroughly enjoy racing the car but have been leaving the track equally frustrated and elated. “Why?” you might ask. Well, I’m watching people distance me on straights despite my throttle and mid-corner speed being similar.

Through data analysis (and under the expert guidance of my team principle) I’ve identified that the drop off in engine power after ‘peak’ power in the FF is dramatic. Simply put, I need to change gear sooner and I need to change gear better.

This coming weekend I’ll be upgrading my data system from an AiM Solo 2 to an EVO4S with a GS Dash attached (photo below). The big focus will be on getting shift lights into a place where I’m maximising my engine’s performance while I’m in the heat of a race or qualifying.

AiM GS-Dash (connected to an EVO4S) 

AiM GS-Dash (connected to an EVO4S)